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OCSI :: AirPro™ Grip

AirPro™ Grip

Ideal for pneumatic gentle stretch therapy to the MCP/PIP joints of the fingers. The hand should easily open enough to slip the deflated palmar bar under the fingers and into the palm of the hand.

OCSI :: DynaPro® Torticollis Orthosis

DynaPro® Torticollis Orthosis

Ideal “static – dynamic” therapy to reverse mild to severe Torticollis. Provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity.

OCSI :: P.E.P. - Pressure Equalization Pad

P.E.P. - Pressure Equalization Pad

Provides Unparalled Pressure Relief, Comfort and Mobility

OCSI :: SoftPro® HKO (Hip / Knee Orthosis)

SoftPro® HKO (Hip / Knee Orthosis)

Ideal for treating mild to moderate (> 30°) adduction of the hip or to prevent scissoring of the lower legs at the hip.

OCSI :: SoftPro® Air Bladder Starter Kit

SoftPro® Air Bladder Starter Kit

An accessory to the SoftPro® HKO when hip abduction is severe (< 30° of hip abduction).