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Guardian Brace :: DynaPro™ Flex Knee

DynaPro™ Flex Knee

Ideal “static – dynamic” therapy to reverse mild to moderate tissue shortening contractures of the knee (90). Provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity.

Guardian Brace :: SoftPro™ Static Knee Orthosis

SoftPro™ Static Knee Orthosis

Ideal for providing positioning therapy for mild to moderate (< 90 degrees) flexion contractures of the knee. Double upright with single setting hinges which are set to provide the desired extension of the knee. Soft, light, and comfortable, the SoftPro Static Knee is excellent for maintaining ...

Guardian Brace :: OrthoPro™ HyperEx™ Knee

OrthoPro™ HyperEx™ Knee

Ideal for effective management of genu recurvatum (knee hyperextension) during gait. A strategically placed adjustable pneumatic air bladder placed behind the hyperextension control strap significantly improves comfort and enhances gait while controlling genu recurvatum. There are no hinges in ...

Guardian Brace :: SPORT Rehabilitator™ and ELITE AFO Rehabilitator™ Combo

SPORT Rehabilitator™ and ELITE AFO Rehabilitator™ Combo

Ideal ambulating dynamic assist therapy for Hemiplegic gait correction that combines the EliteÔ AFO RehabilitatorÔ with the Sport RehabilitatorÔ Knee Brace.   The Elite AFO provides a dynamic dorsi-assist at toe off to effectively treat foot drop. The flexible design of ...

Guardian Brace :: OCSI Static Air Knee

OCSI Static Air Knee

Ideal for pneumatic gentle stretch therapy to reverse severe (> 90 degrees)  flexion contractures of the knee. The device can easily be applied to a flexed knee with the air bladders (2) deflated. By inflating the air bladders after the brace is applied, the pneumatic stretch will bring ...

Guardian Brace :: OrthoPro™ Stabilizer Knee

OrthoPro™ Stabilizer Knee

Ideal post injury / surgery ambulating knee support with rigid medial / lateral uprights to provide medial / lateral support of the knee joint. ROM hinges provide controlled motion if necessary with knee flexion and extension controls. Simple front wrap design for easy application and ...

Guardian Brace :: OrthoPro™ ROM Knee Orthosis

OrthoPro™ ROM Knee Orthosis

Ideal for post injury / surgery controlled range of motion therapy for initial weight bearing. The ROM hinges allow for control of knee flexion or extension in 15 degree increments. Orthotic controlled knee range of motion rehabilitation therapy of the knee for limited ambulators for ...

Guardian Brace :: OA Rehabilitator™

OA Rehabilitator™

Ideal double upright OA knee unloader knee brace that is clinically proven to delay the progression of knee OA more effectively than exercise alone.  Pneumatic air bladder system unloads the OA knee. Swing assist improves gait and facilitates increased quadriceps and hamstring activation strengthening ...

Guardian Brace :: Sport Rehabilitator™

Sport Rehabilitator™

Ideal for ACL, MCL, LCL ligament injury / surgery rehabilitation; Mild to Moderate Knee OA and TKA PREHABILITATON

Guardian Brace :: PCL Rehabilitator™

PCL Rehabilitator™

Ideal double upright – PCL ligament injury / surgery knee brace with an adjustable posterior air bladder at the calf that when inflated provides an anterior directed force to reduce the load on the PCL ligament. Pneumatic air bladders at the knee joint provide medial, lateral, and rotational ...

Guardian Brace :: Sport EXT Rehabilitator™

Sport EXT Rehabilitator™

Ideal EXTENDED (18 inch) double upright knee brace with active swing assist to effectively reverse post-surgical extension deficit / flexion contractures of 10 degrees or more. Strategically positioned pneumatic air bladders at the thigh and calf when inflated reduce knee joint subluxation caused ...