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SoftPro® Palmar Resting

Categories: Hand, SoftPro® Series

Ideal “bend to fit” static positioning resting hand for severe thumb adduction where the thumb cannot be aligned in a thumb stall. The larger finger pan allows the thumb to be positioned on the finger pan or the thumb can be placed under the finger pan to provide limited thumb adduction to keep the thumb out of the palm of the hand.


Orthotic therapy for significant thumb adduction with mild to moderate contracture of the wrist, hand and fingers. The orthotic device is ideal for incremental correction of thumb adduction with contracture of the wrist, hand and fingers.


The orthotic device is extremely soft and light yet durable enough to provide significant support and protection. The “Bend to Fit” insert requires no tools to accommodate the specific condition of the wrist, hand, fingers and thumb. Non-fixed contractures associated with immobility can incrementally be treated by progressive extension orthotic therapy. The brace is hand molded to 5° to 10° of additional extension in the finger pan, at the wrist, or in the thumb. The strapping system allows the fitter to bring the straps directly over the affected joint to initiate a progressive stretch of the affected joints. The orthotic device can achieve and maintain the hand in a functional neutral resting position. Total End Range Time (TERT) to achieve a positive outcome should be increased gradually up to six hours per day to patient tolerance as recommended by the physician. Orthotic treatment should be continued until function is restored to the affected hand.

HCPCS - L3807


  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Color Coded Straps
  • Severely adducted thumb rests on finger platform
  • Thumb can be positioned under the finger platform as second step in abducting the thumb
  • Large finger platform provides a comfortable “pan” to support and protect the hand and fingers
  • “Bend to Fit” – Easily adjust to correct alignment & support joints without the use of a heat gun
  • HCPCS - L3807

SIZE                        PRODUCT CODE                              WIDTH OF MP JOINTS                         LENGTH
SMALL                    SP 31FPR-S (left or right)                    2 1/2" - 3"                                                  10"
MEDIUM              SP 31FPR-M (left or right)                   3" - 3 1/2"                                                  11"
LARGE                    SP 31FPR-L (left or right)                    3 1/2" - 4"                                                   12"

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