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SoftPro® II In-Bed Ultra Smooth AFO

Categories: Foot, SoftPro® Series, OCSI

Ideal dorsi stretch AFO for in-bed patients with skin integrity issues to treat mild to moderate plantarflexion (< 30 degree) contractures of the ankle / foot with no to mild inversion of the foot (<10 degree). Ultra Smooth fabric provides excellent pressure and shear protection of the skin during device wear. Extra padding is provided on the footplate. This recumbent device comfortably and safely reverses plantarflexion / inversion of the ankle foot with the use of a pull strap while suspending the heel during device wear.

Orthotic therapy for mild to moderate contracture of the ankle and foot. The AFO is made of a flexible material, and when combined with the adjustable pull strap, will provide a gentle dorsi-flexion stretch of the ankle / foot. Ideal for bedbound patients. An Ultra Smooth fabric is used adjacent to the skin to provide excellent pressure and shear protection while the device is worn. Extra padding is provided on the footplate of the device. An adjustable toe post protects the toes. Hip rotation bar can be used to treat internal / external rotation of the hip. The SoftPro® In-Bed Ultra Smooth AFO has a non-skid pad sewn into the bottom of the AFO cover to facilitate transfers without having to remove the AFO.

HCPCS - L4396


  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Ultra Smooth fabric reduces sheer and friction
  • Effectively treats plantar flexion
  • Non-skid bottom for assisted transfers
  • Adjustable Dorsi Strap provides (optional) enhanced Dorsiflexion
  • HCPCS - L4396

SIZE                                        PRODUCT CODE                LENGTH OF FOOT             MAX. CALF CIR

Small                                         SP2 10-80                                        6" - 8"                                    15"

Medium                                     SP2 10-81                                        8" - 10"                                 17"

Large                                         SP2 10-82                                       10" -11"                                19"

X Large                                      SP2 10-83                                       11" - 12"                                23"

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