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DynaPro® AFO

Categories: Foot, DynaPro® Series, OCSI

Ideal in-bed “static – dynamic” therapy to reverse moderate to severe (up to 45° of plantarflexion; >10° of inversion) adaptive tissue shortening contractures of the ankle / foot.

Provides abnormal reflex arc neuro therapy for patients with spasticity. Elastic pull straps attached to flexible calf extensions provide a neuro-inhibiting therapeutic stretch of the contracted ankle / foot to reverse plantarflexion, inversion or eversion of the ankle / foot.


Orthotic therapy for effective treatment of moderate to severe contracture or abnormal tone and spasticity of the ankle and foot. The more flexible insert allows the fitter to accommodate plantarflexion of up to 45° without the need to heat mold the insert. Elastic pull straps combined with flexible calf extensions provide “static – dynamic” adjustable therapeutic stretch to the ankle / foot to reverse contractures over time. The lateral strap ONLY can be tightened to correct inversion. Both straps are tightened to reverse plantarflexion. The heel “floats” pressure free in the AFO. A hip rotation bar can be used to control external / internal rotation of the hip. A recumbent orthosis, the DynaPro® AFO can facilitate muscle inhibition and provides a Low Load Prolonged Stretch to the affected joint(s). Toe post protects the toes during brace wear. Non-skid bottom allows the patient to bear weight or walk very short distances in the AFO.

HCPCS - L4396


  • Static/Flex Neuro -Dynamic Therapy
  • Effectively reverses ankle/foot contractures
  • Elastic pull straps effectively treat plantar flexion, inversion or eversion
  • Non-skid bottom for assisted transfers
  • HCPCS - L4396


SIZE                        PRODUCT CODE                                 LENGTH OF FOOT             MAX. CALF CIRCUMFERENCE

Small                        DP AFO 21S                                          6" - 8"                                              15"

Medium                  DP AFO 22M                                         8" - 10"                                            17"

Large                        DP AFO 23L                                          10" -11"                                          19"

Child                         DP AFO 24C                                          3 1/2" - 5"                                      12"

Youth                       DP AFO 25Y                                          5" -6"                                               14"

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