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SoftPro® Gait Trainer AFO

Categories: Foot, SoftPro® Series, OCSI

Ideal transitional gait training contracture AFO to reverse mild to moderate plantarflexion / inversion / eversion contracture of the ankle / foot (< 30 degrees of plantarflexion; < 10 degrees inversion). The Gait Trainer includes a pull strap that is used to provide a therapeutic stretch of the Achilles tendon / gastroc muscle. A removable ambulating pad allows for weight bearing and initial gait training. The pull strap can be used to provide a dorsi-assist during initial gait training.

Orthotic therapy for mild to moderate plantarflexion / inversion contracture with no to mild abnormal tone and spasticity of the ankle and foot. Detachable ambulating pad allows the patient to bear weight and walk in the AFO while removing the pad for in-bed use. The AFO is made of a flexible material, and will provide a gentle dorsi-flexion stretch of the ankle / foot. Additional dorsi stretch is achieved through the use of a pull strap. The lateral strap ONLY can be tightened to correct inversion. Both straps are tightened to reverse plantarflexion. The heel “floats” pressure free in the AFO. A hip rotation bar can be used to control external / internal rotation of the hip while recumbent. The SoftPro® Gait Training AFO is a transitional AFO designed to treat mild to moderate lost range of motion of the ankle / foot and to facilitate assisted weight bearing and initial gait training. This device is a transitional AFO and not intended for patients who are active ambulators

HCPCS - L4396


  • Static Trapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Effectively treats plantar flexion
  • Removable transfer pad
  • Facilitates initial weigh bearing and assisted gait training
  • Adjustable toe post
  • Available smooth or fleece
  • HCPCS - L4396

Optional SPEADER BAR available (Available for Gait Trainer AFO only)

                     CODE: SP 2075SB
                     SUGGESTED CODE: L2310

SIZE                                        PRODUCT CODE                LENGTH OF FOOT             MAX. CALF CIRCUMFERENCE

Small Fleece                          SP 30-00                                            6" - 8"                                    15"

Medium Fleece                     SP 30-01                                           8" - 10"                                  17"

Large Fleece                          SP 30-02                                           10" -11"                                 19"

Xlarge Fleece                        SP 30-03                                            11" - 12"                                23"

Small Smooth                       SP 30-50                                            6" - 8"                                    15"

Medium Smooth                 SP 30-51                                             8" - 10"                                 17"

Large Smooth                       SP 30-52                                            10" -11"                                19"

Xarge Smooth                       SP 30-53                                            11" - 12"                               23"

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