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OrthoPro® ROM Knee Orthosis

Categories: Knee, OrthoPro® Series, OCSI

Ideal for post injury / surgery controlled range of motion therapy for initial weight bearing. The ROM hinges allow for control of knee flexion or extension in 15 degree increments.

Orthotic controlled knee range of motion rehabilitation therapy of the knee for limited ambulators for the treatment of joint stiffness or non-fixed adaptive tissue shortening contractures of the knee joint. The orthosis ROM hinge can be set in 15 degree steps to control both flexion and extension motion in the brace. Ideal for providing protected ROM exercise in the brace post surgically or to limit motion to prevent further injury of the joint during post injury / surgery rehabilitation. The OrthoPro® ROM Knee can also be used at a static setting to protect and support the joint or to provide progressive extension orthotic therapy. If needed, an adjustable knee cap can be ordered to provide a three-point lever for progressive extension stretching in the brace.

HCPCS - L1832

• ROM hinge provides controlled Range of Motion therapy


Optional KNEE PAD available

                     CODE: SP 4017


SIZE                        PRODUCT CODE                               THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE               CALF CIRCUMFERENCE

Small                     OP 400-0                                                  12" - 15"                                              7" - 10"

Medium               OP 400-1                                                   15" - 19"                                              10" - 13"

Large                     OP 400-2                                                   19" - 21"                                             13" - 16"

Xlarge                   OP 400-3                                                   21" - 25"                                              16" - 19"



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