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Categories: Knee, Guardian Brace

Ideal double upright – PCL ligament injury / surgery knee brace with an adjustable posterior air bladder at the calf that when inflated provides an anterior directed force to reduce the load on the PCL ligament. Pneumatic air bladders at the knee joint provide medial, lateral, and rotational support of the knee. Swing assist eliminates quadriceps avoidance gait to strengthen the weakened leg post injury / surgery to accelerate recovery by up to 50%. Polycentric ROM hinges can be used to control knee flexion / extension as needed. Air bladder knee compression assists in controlling knee pain and inflammation.

Gait correcting, leg strengthening Rehabilitator therapy is clinically proven to accelerate recovery from knee injury / surgery. An air bladder at the calf when inflated provides an adjustable anterior directed force to reduce the load on the PCL. The pneumatic air bladders on both sides of the knee joint provide excellent medial, lateral, and rotational control of the knee. When inflated, the air bladders at the knee joint provide therapeutic compression at the knee to reduce or eliminate knee pain and to effectively manage knee joint inflammation. The active swing assist eliminates quadriceps avoidance gait, increasing quadriceps firing to significantly increase quad strength over time. The gait correcting, leg strengthening Sport PCL REHABILITATOR® can accelerate recovery post injury / surgery by up to 50%.

The Sport REHABILITATOR® uses pneumatic control of the knee joint allowing the brace to be significantly lower profile than competitive ligament braces. The 13-inch-long Sport PCL REHABILITATOR® has a semi-rigid frame and a rotating anterior thigh cuff. The lower profile design combined with the flexible frame and air bladder system provides superior comfort and brace migration control.


L1852 (OTS)


  • Rehabilitation of Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) injury / surgery
  • Increases qudriceps and hamstring strength
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Provides superior support, comfort and stability
  • Reduces pain and inflamation.


                                                                           Circumference 6"                               Circumference 5"

SIZE                        PRODUCT CODE                Above Mid patella                            Below Mid patella_______

Xsmall                  PCL 100-0 (L/R)                 13" (33cm) - 16" (40.6cm)             9" (22.9cm) - 12" (30.5cm)


Small                    PCL 100-1 (L/R)                 16" (40.6cm) - 19" (48.3cm)         12" (30.5cm) - 15" (38.1cm)


Medium              PCL 100-2 (L/R)                 19" (48.3cm) - 22" (55.9cm)         15" (38.1cm) - 17" (43.2cm)


Large                    PCL 100-3 (L/R)                  22" (55.9cm) - 25" (63.5cm)        17" (43.2cm) - 20" (50.8cm)


Xlarge                  PCL 100-4 (L/R)                 25" (63.5cm) - 28" (71.1cm)         20" (50.8cm) - 23" (58.4cm)


XXlarge                PCL 100-5 (L/R)                 28" (71.1cm) - 32" (81.3cm)         23" (58.4cm) - 26" (66cm)

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