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Categories: Foot, Guardian Brace


 The Elite AFO  Rehabilitator® provides optimal dorsi-assist to correct foot drop and to provide gait rehabilitation.  The Elite AFO Rehabilitator® has a trimmable footplate design that provides a slight correcting upwards "pop" at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion and to discourage hip circumduction.  The unique gait correcting actions of the Elite AFO Rehabilitator® facilitates improvements in gait both braced and unbraced.


The Elite AFO Rehabilitator® has an anterior cuff and lateral strut.  Anterior shell carbon fiber AFO designs provide optimal dynamic dorsi-assist to correct foot drop.  The lateral strut is ideal for patients with pronation or eversion of the foot.  As the patient walks, ground reaction forces with improved heel strike activates forward momentum creating a dynamic ankle/foot dorsi-assist at toe off.  The unique flexible footplate design provides an upward "pop" at toe off which facilitates hip and knee flexion and reduces hip circumduction.  the upward "pop" at toe off also provides a cue to the patient to assist with gait relearning.  The Elite AFO Rehabilitator® is ideal AFO design for patients with mild to moderate ankle instability and lower limb spasticity used in combination with physical therapy to facilitate gait relearning.


Patients with more significant ankle instability may benefit from the use of the AFO Varus/Valgus Control Strap in conjunction with the Elite AFO Rehabilitator®.





The AFO Varus / Valgus Control strap is available as an accessory to provide greater Varus/Valgus ankle support.





  • • Trimmable footplate allows for custom fit
  • • Anterior shin cuff for maximum enhanced ground reaction force - dorsi-assist
  • • Lateral strut best choice for ankle pronation/eversion
  • • Appropriate for mild to moderate ankle instability and lower limb spasticity




Size             Product Code                   Foot Plate Length      Women'sShoe Size         Mens's Shoe Size

XSM            ER -0 (Left or Right)                   8"                              3             

SM              ER -1 (Left or Right)                    9"               3.5 - 6                  5

MD             ER-2 (Left or Right)                    10"             6.5 - 9                     5.5 - 8

LG               ER-3 (Left or Right)                    11"                9.5 – 12                  8.5 - 11

XLG             ER-4  (Left or Right)                   12"             13+                         11.5 - 14



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Customer Reviews

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    I have tried several of the Carbon Fiber AFO's out there, and by far, this is the best one!! My patients are compliant with it because it is so lightweight and offers superb results. They do not want to take the AFO off at the end of treatment because it helps them so much. Excellent product!!

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