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Categories: Foot, Knee, Guardian Brace

Ideal ambulating dynamic assist therapy for Hemiplegic gait correction that combines the Elite  AFO REHABILITATOR® with the Sport  REHABILITATOR® Knee Brace.


The Elite AFO REHABILITATOR® provides a dynamic dorsi-assist at toe off to effectively treat foot drop. The flexible design of the Elite flexible footplate generates a slight upwards “pop” at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion while reducing hip circumduction. The Sport REHABILITATOR® Knee applied over the AFO has an active swing assist to improve lower leg extension, facilitating improved excitation of the quadriceps muscles as the patient walks. The pneumatic air bladder system at the knee joint provides medial, lateral, and rotational support at the knee while creating significant sensorimotor excitation to assist in volitional control of the leg. Patients should use the AFO at all times, and wear the knee brace when active to capture as many biomechanically improved steps as possible to improve both braced and unbraced gait over time. Repeated use improves gait biomechanics, builds leg strength, increases endurance, and many patients are able to transition from room to room ambulators to community ambulators. Hemiplegic gait orthotic therapy candidates should be able to walk 100 steps with or without assistance to optimize Elite AFO / Sport REHABILITATOR®  “Combo” therapy.

AFO: L1932

SPORT: L1845

L1852 (OTS)


  • Provides joint stability
  • Increases sensorimotor/proprioceptive input
  • Initiates quadriceps firing to improve leg strength
  • Kinetically assists normal limb movement
  • Improves gait muscle memory w/massed practice
  • Significantly improves independent patient mobility and quality of life

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