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SoftPro® HKO (Hip / Knee Orthosis)

Categories: SoftPro® Series, Hip, OCSI

Ideal for treating mild to moderate (> 30°) adduction of the hip or to prevent scissoring of the lower legs at the hip.

 An optional SoftPro® Air Bladder Starter Kit is required for hip abduction of less than 30 degrees. The adjustable hip abduction bar can be set in 5 degree steps from 30 to 45 degrees of hip abduction.


Orthotic therapy for positioning or progressive extension stretch therapy to reverse hip adduction contractures. The SoftPro® HKO has an adjustable hip abduction bar with settings in 5 degree steps from 30 degrees to 45 degrees of hip abduction. The hip abduction bar can be set to 5 degrees more hip abduction than comfortable end range to apply a progressive extension gentle stretch on the hip adductors. By increasing wearing time to three to six hours per use, the Total End Range Time (TERT) of device wear allows the shortened tissue to lengthen over time. The hip abduction bar must be modified into greater hip abduction as needed to maintain a therapeutic stretch of the tissue as device wear continues. HKO can be used in-bed or in a wheelchair.


The SoftPro  HKO can be applied over a knee brace if hip and knee orthotic therapy are done simultaneously.

HCPCS - L1652


  • Adjustable bar effectively treats adduction
  • Allows abduction up to 45°
  • Bed and/or wheelchair use
  • L1652


SIZE                    PRODUCT CODE               LEG CIRCUMFERENCE  4" ABOVE KNEE
Standard               SP 60-00                                               12" - 18"
Large                       SP 60-01                                              19" - 27"

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Customer Reviews

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  1. Great for wheelchair positioning

    I used this product on a patient who was "wind swept" in her wheelchair. Not only did this assist with optimal positioning, it also decreased the occurrences of her sliding out of her wheelchair. You can add on the air option for those patients that are contracted at the hips.

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