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Categories: Guardian Brace, Spine

The Guardian REHABILITATOR® LSO provides excellent sagittal plane support
and control of the lumbar sacral spine. The REHABILITATOR® LSO is indicated
for the effective treatment of lower back pain, to facilitate support and
control of the lumber spine to promote healing after a lower back injury or
surgery, for bulging, degenerative, or herniated discs, for spinal stenosis,
and to support weakened spinal muscles and/or a defective spine.


• Dual pull compression system provides consistent lower back support

• Fits comfortably under or over clothing

• Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable

• Firm front and back inserts provide superior anterior and posterior back support

Codes: L0631 or L0648

Size       Product Code      Waist Circumference
Small          LSO 100-1                 27" - 31"
Medium      LSO 100-2                32" - 38"
Large          LSO 100-3                 39" - 45"
XLarge        LSO 100-4                46" - 52"
XXLarge     LSO 100-5                 53" - 59"

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