Guardian Brace, Inc.

The Rehabiliator™ Line

Guardian Brace features the innovative Rehabilitator™ line of gait correcting, leg strengthening braces. Rehabilitator™ Knee Braces are clinically proven to reduce UNBRACED pain, strengthen the affected leg, and significantly improve function after only 90 days of brace wear.

The OA Rehabilitator™ delays the progression of knee Osteoarthritis more effectively than exercise alone while reversing unwanted unbraced forces in the knee joint. The Sport Rehabilitator™ can be used to prehabilitate a weakened leg prior to Total Knee Replacement surgery and to accelerate recovery and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, the Sport Rehabilitator™ accelerates recovery from knee injury / surgery by up to 50%. The Sport EXT Rehabilitator™ effectively reverses post op extension deficits by lengthening shortened tissue and strengthening the quadriceps muscles as the patient walks.

The PCL Rehabilitator™ offers superior support and stability while re-establishing a normal gait pattern to strengthen weakened leg muscles and accelerate recovery. The Elite AFO Rehabilitator™  provides dorsiflexion and lower leg extension dynamic assist while facilitating muscle activation in the affected let to promote muscle re-learning. The Elite AFO Rehabilitator™   combined with the Sport Rehabilitator™, provide effective Hemiplegic gait orthotic therapy.