Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc.

Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc., is the leading provider of contracture management orthotic devices in the U.S. OCSI offers SoftPro™ static orthotics designed to support, protect, and correctly position the joint, AirPro™ orthotics providing Low Load Prolonged Stretch to reverse Lost Range of Motion, DynaPro™ orthotics bio-engineered to “flex” into the lost range of motion to provide Low Load Prolonged Stretch dynamic therapy and effectively manage abnormal tone and spasticity, and OrthoPro™ orthotics providing functional support in rehabilitation for orthopedic indications. OCSI also offers a CLINICAL PATHWAY ORTHOTIC SELECTION GUIDE to assist practitioners in selecting the most appropriate orthotic therapy. Too often patients are provided a splint or a supportive device when a restorative orthotic fitted properly would restore lost range of motion and function. By utilizing rehabilitative contracture products as opposed to just splinting, we can better serve the patient and the therapists.



OCSI also provides the Guardian Brace REHABILIATOR™ line of braces, a new technology in bracing that has been clinically proven to change gait, increase walking speed, increase knee extension, reduce pain and most importantly increase quadriceps strength by 54% and hamstring strength by 28% after only 90 days of use.