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From Guardian Brace | HCPCS: L1845,L1852

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Ideal double upright Prehabilitaton and Post TKA knee brace. Gait correcting, leg strengthing Rehabilitator® therapy is clinically proven to correct gait and strengthen quadriceps and hamstrings. 

The Sport Rehabilitator® treats Mild to Moderate Knee OA. Polycentric ROM hinges can be used to control knee flexion / extension as needed. The pneumatic air bladders on both sides of the knee joint provide excellent medial, lateral, and rotational control of the knee. Patented Swing Assist eliminates quadriceps avoidance gait and strengthens quadriceps muscles during gait to accelerate recovery. Post injury/ surgery recovery can be accelerated by as much as 50%.The Sport REHABILITATOR® is the preferred unloader brace for the more active patients. When applied several weeks prior to TKA, the weakened OA leg can be significantly strengthened and gait can be normalized prior to the surgery to accelerate recovery and improve overall patient outcomes. Post surgically, the brace is used to manage pain and inflammation and to eliminate quadriceps avoidance gait to accelerate recovery. Gait correcting, leg strengthening, ambulating REHABILITATOR® therapy is clinically proven to accelerate recovery from knee injury / surgery or to strengthen a weakened leg.  Sport REHABILITATOR® has a semi-rigid frame and a rotating anterior thigh cuff. The lower profile design combined with the flexible frame and air bladder system provides superior comfort and brace migration control.


  • Increases quadriceps and hamstring strength
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Provides superior support, comfort and stability
  • Reduces Pain and inflammation
  • Increases leg extension
  • Treats chronic knee pain and weakness
  • IMPROVEMENTS RETAINED UNBRACED                                  




Prod Spec Prod Spec Value
SR 100-0 (left or right) XSMALL
SR 100-1 (left or right) SMALL
SR 100-2 (left or right) MEDIUM
SR 100-3 (left or right) LARGE
SR 100-4 (left or right) XLARGE
SR 100-5 (left or right) XXLARGE

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